Friday, July 06, 2012

Don't Wait, Take Action

Even the thought of buying life insurance makes me uncomfortable.  Covering all your bases in regards to personal finance includes life insurance, but I always find a way to procrastinate.  You would think that I wouldn't be the type that is in denial, since I always tell friends and family to stop bickering because tomorrow is promised to no one.  I believe that drama and petty grudges should be forgiven.  Why?  That unforgiveness can be overcome when looked at by a different perspective.  If an unexpected tragedy like a car accident, a fatal diagnosis or Sept. 11 happened.... the petty issue would be forgotten.  However, in this me driven world, we hold on to pettiness.  What if the unexpected occurs?  What do you do if a car accident   takes the life of a family member?

Yesterday, was another such reminder of the dreaded unexpected occurrence.  (Last year, my sons were on the scene when two of their closest friends were in a fatal car crash.  It was devastating to the youth of this community.  I prayed often for the families.  As a mom I was heartbroken for their loss.  I knew one of the boys very well.)  Yesterday, a 17 yr old girl fell 60 feet and passed away two hours later at the hospital.  She lives close by and was in my son's class several years.  While they were having fun jumping off these cliffs into the river, they had called my 17 yr old son several times to join them.  I had already spoken to my son about the dangers of this particualr activity.  He declined.  I am so grateful that he refused.  They were many teens that accepted the invitation and now that horrible memory will be in their minds forever. I pray that they are able to overcome the pain and sadness.  This community is going to need more grief counseling.  I hope the school will be able to handle it.  Summer school starts this Monday and the staff is not at full capacity.

There have been at least 10 teens that have passed away from this district in a handful of years.  Even with the introduction of SADD and Not One More, they keep happening.  A lack of consequential thinking which comes from immaturity, I guess.  I can't help thinking about the financial crisis that can be a product of something like this.  Not many people think that this could happen to them.  I know I should hurry up and get  the exact info I need.  I researched the info and has all the info I need. Actually making the purchase is the hurdle I need to get over.  No matter how death comes to the door, it is devastating emotionally on the families and friends.  When you're not prepared, it can also be financially crippling.  If one takes the appropriate precautions such as living wills and life insurance, it can lessen the blow.  

Now I am going to wind this down, so that I can go hug my kids and tell them that I love them.  Remember, tomorrow is promised to no one.  Give that brother, sister, mom, dad, cousin or old friend a call and put those grievances in the past.  Don't wait.  Think.  How would you feel if you found out it's too late?   

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