Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Make Money on The Internet: Update for March 2007

Many of you send me email asking about the amount of money I earn. Although I have posted checks and paypal statements, people still want to know. Now, I want to give the information. Keep one thing in mind, some of the totals are for two months and others are just for one. I'll try to specify the time frame.

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$102.00 for March's referrals.
$256.00 for two months. I only completed one offer for $15.00. The rest of the money came from referrals. (Be sure to cashout ASAP. The $5.00 bonus they give you expires after the second month of being a member. Your referral fees also expire.)
Text Link Ads
$50.00 for referrals that put up their code. (If you are referring others to this site, be sure to encourage them to install the code ASAP for a minimum of 7 days. That's how you get the referral fee). This site can be very lucrative.
Google Adsense
$195.00 for two months
$60.00 for two posts and two referrals. I have over $200.00 in referrals, but they are pending. Either the blogs were not accepted yet or the bloggers didn't post the review yet. (If you have joined PayPerPost with my link and you need your blog to be indexed by Google, leave me a comment. I will show you how to have it indexed in less than 48 hours).
$22.00 for three entries. I had many more reviews, but I was pressed for time. I had a lot of dentists, doctor and specialists appointments with my kids. I'm also having the house remodeled and repaired. I lost out on a lot of blogging time.
Because of the reasons above, I was unable to complete TWO reviews for $50.00 each. I was beating myself over it. What can you do?! If the advertisers read this, send me the review. I will complete it ASAP. Unfortunately, the review price has increased from $100.00-$150.00.
$10.50 I completed one offer and have gained 19 referrals. This is a great gpt site. They have a lot of free offers. I'm currently trying to get enough signs to get an ipod shuffle for my youngest child. He's dropped several CD players. The ipod shuffle can be clipped to his clothing. haha!
$46.71 This is not bad, considering I only have to read email. I only get 1-3 a day. How did I earn this much money? I also earn money from the email my referrals read. Not bad for one month?
$25.00 I wasn't expecting this one. I found a $25.00 payment in my paypal account. Apparently, they were running a referral contest and I came in 18th! TAD is short for TargetAdsDepot. It's a great advertising site and income generator.
$42.96 This is from my referrals' earnings. It's for one month.
$17.55 This is for one month.
$9.89 This is for one month. I really didn't have time to post, so it's all from my referrals' earnings.
$19.15 This is for one month. It's all from my referrals' earnings.
OutSide Advertiser
$75.00 for a link. The payment went straight to my paypal account.
Cell for Cash
$15.00 That was for a month.

I also earned about $150.00 from affiliate networks. I should receive payment for all except for one. I have to download a tax form, which is difficult. I ran out of printer ink and I can only purchase it from Dell. I'm sure there are other payments I forgot about, but these are the bulk of it. Sometimes I get a pyment here or there from an income opp I joined and forgot about it. I love to get those! I have earnings on other sites, but I'm not at the payout point yet. Many of them will send me checks the following month, after this month's earnings are added. Which sites? Amazon, Clickbank, and Helium are just a few.

If any of you have joined a program and are having a hard time gaining referrals, leave me a message. Be sure to tell me which site it is. Chances are I have already written a tutorial for it somewhere on my network of blogs.

I only added a few of the most lucrative programs on this post. Otherwise, it would have been much longer!

*********************A NOTE FOR ADVERTISERS***********************************
I have received email from advertisers that have requested to pay me for links and/or reviews. If you are an advertiser, you are welcome to contact me. I have a network of 15 blogs and 7 Squidoo lenses. For those advertisers that are new to my blog, I have 7 kids and they are willing to test most products including phones, tech gadgets and clothing. They have tested products for research companies and completed questionnaires and/or surveys. Contact me for further details.


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I am not sure if you meant for us to comment you here about the google indexing. I would really like my blog indexed. I would really appreciate it if you would share that information with us.

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Just wanted to thank you for sharing all of your tips! Seeing your monthly totals is really inspiring! Thanks for being willing to share!

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