Friday, July 06, 2012

Frustrated with Financial Aid for Daughter's College

As sad as I am, I have to rant about my daughter's financial aid situation.  So far, every time she completes the financial aid, her school misplaces the documents and screws everything up.  Being that my credit history was destroyed thanks to her father, I can't even co-sign for any loans.  (I am self employed so that doesn't help either.)  We always feel like we're jumping hoops in a circus.  Worst of all, it's hard to find honest information.  You can't trust most sites on the internet.

Here's a very helpful infographic brought to you by that gives detailed info on the various types of aid, grants, loans and more.  I hope to be finished with this financial aid soon.  The longer they take, the less choice she has concerning class selection.  I am hoping to increase profits on hubpages, squidoo and amazon as the months go by.  She will be transferring to George Mason for environmental engineering soon and it's costly!  

Hope this info is useful!

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