Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get Paid to Tweet With SponsoredTweets! Free to Join.

Twitter is the hottest social networking site right now. With the millions of people and tons of celebs tweeting, you must have expected someone to figure out how to monetize that. Right? I've tried several ways to make money online with Twitter. However, SponsoredTweets has been the most profitable! It was brought to you by Izea. You know who they are right? Yes, the owners of payperpost and the other sponsored blogging platforms.

How can you make money online with SponsoredTweets?
Just sign up with your email address or Twitter info. (Don't worry, they aren't going to use your info to steal your account. SponsoredTweets is a legit site. I've been paid by for many years for sponsored reviews.

How do you get your payments from Sponsored Tweets?
You must have a paypal account. Once your account reaches the payout amount of $50.00, the link for your payout details will appear.

Do you need a lot of Twitter Followers to qualify?
I read that you do, but lately they've been allowing people with less than 200 followers. I know because they have signed up as my referrals. You don't need to worry. I will show you how to increase your Twitter followers very quickly.

Has anyone been paid by SponsoredTweets?
Yes, I have received payment through paypal. I'm about to receive another payment too. This is a great way to make some extra money, in a short amount of time with little effort. I love it!

Does SponsoredTweets offer an affiliate program?
Yes they do! You will earn 10% of everyone you refer. This is a great way to earn residual income. The more active Twitter users you refer, the more you can earn.

How do advertisers choose the Twitter profiles they want to advertise on?
Your profile contains several categories. This is great because you may be found on page 12 for one specific category, while you may be on page one for another. For example, they list Twitter users by the number of followers, their Klout Score, their TwitterGrader rank, and more. They also have categories for celebrites, internet celebs and staff picks. Most of important of all is that you must use tags or keywords that apply to your Twitter stream. For example, if you tweet about sports, you would use sports, the name of the teams, your location and your the gender and age of your Twitter followers. The more specific your tags, the more likley it is that you will get sponsored.

How can I increase my followers on Twitter?
Here are a few great sites that will help you get followers that will follow you back!


I hope you found this information useful. The holidays are around the corner and I know many people are looking for easy, quick ways to make money online.

Making Money Online doesn't get any easier than SponsoredTweets!


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Looks very interesting. But need to get huge followers first. At least to get me started. Thanks for sharing. I hope this works for me.

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