Friday, November 07, 2008

Three Ways to Make Money With Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social networking site. I'm online most of my waking hours, so I try to keep Twitter open. As you know, I'm always testing different ways of making money online. Believe it or not, I found three different sites that are looking for Twitter users that would like to make some money. As long as there are advertising dollars, there will always be a way to make money. :)

Before I tell you about the sites that can help you make money on Twitter, you need to know one important thing. How much is your tweet worth? You have to know how much to charge advertiser's, right?

Your first stop should be What's Your Tweet Worth?

As I'm writing this post, I have 1441 followers and I'm following 1621 people. That should give you a better picture of how much you should charge.

1. How does help Twitter users make money with their profiles?
Twittad is designed like a marketplace. When a blogger joins, you add your Twitter username and it instantly updates your followers, following and updates. You create a profile with your Twitter update topics, your websites and a picture if you so desire. You choose the price of the ad space on your Twitter profile. Once an advertiser purchases your ad sapce, you upload the code Twittad provides to your Twitter template/profile page. The advertiser pays Twittad and you earn in hourly increments. Twittad checks your profile on an hourly basis to confirm the ad is still on your profile. At the end of the agreed upon ad campaign (1 day, 7 days, 15 days, 1 Month or 3 Months), your full payment goes into an account. Once you reach the minimum $20.00 payout, the payment is processed through paypal.
Here's a screenshot of what your profile would look like:
make money with

2. How does Be a Magpie help Twitter users make money with their tweets?
Be a Magpie is a place where advertisers can send ads through your tweets. Once you join, tweets will be sent out along with your tweets. Don't worry about flooding your tweets with ads, this is a fairly new site. I've only received two ads since joining on Nov.1, 2008. The pay in British pounds. Payouts are made by paypal when the minimum amount of 50.00 British pounds is met. (Remember every British pound is worth about $1.70.) The ads can be scheduled to go out on the following ratio: 1 tweet and 1 ad, 3 tweets to 1 ad, 5to1, 10to1, 15to1, 20to1. I had two ads tweeted and earned 5.70 in British pounds.
make money with

3. How does Adjix help Twitter users make money by shortening their links?
When Twitter gives me the message that I have too many characters because it won't automatically shorten my links, I get frustrated. Adjix shortens your links for Twitter and helps you make some money. When you shorten your links through, a subtle ad will appear on the top of the page that opens. You'll earn from the ads as long as you were logged into your free Adjix Linker account when you created your short link. You can also use the ad free adjix, but still use the free analytics data that tells you exactly who clicked on your links.
make money with

These are just three services I've come across. I know that there are many people that refuse to use ads of any kind on any social media sites or blogs. This post is for those that wish to make a little money from their actions on the internet.

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Anonymous said...

So okay...I thought I had ADD before I started reading your posts on I am self diagnosing, it's affirmative! Sheez I had so many things planned to do tonight...guess there is tomorrow! Back to Twitter :o

Anonymous said...

whats a guestimation on how long it would take a new user to hit the $20 mark?

Eleanor said...

I was almost finished with playing around with Twitter tonight! I found a video online that was showing how you can get more follows on Twitter, I will share a couple real quick
"acknowledge your new followers" basically an introduction of your new friend this will expose them to Twitters who may of not come accross them otherwise helping them grow in followers...

Anonymous said...

Making Money on Twitter? Do you really think twitter is going to be around long term? I don't see the point.

Steve Mc Smith said...

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