Thursday, October 30, 2008

Download SecureZip and Enter to Win!

Have you ever had to send someone a sensitive document? This week I had to email an important document and I was worried. Little did I know there is free software to zip and encrypt documents (non commercial use). You know what they say. You learn something new everyday. Next time, I will protect my data with free software that zips and encrypts, without the use of passwords.

Where can one get free software to zip and encrypt documents?
The site offers the software free of cost. The best part is it's fully licensed for non-commercial use and doesn't contain spyware.

free download securezip express

Why would anyone need to use SecureZIP Express?
It protects your sensitive information. It also compresses and decompresses files, which saves you more storage space?

How does this software work?
Unlike other software that uses passwords, SecureZip Express uses digital certificates to exchange information.

Now that you understand the benefits of this software, let me let you in on another perk. Right now, PKWARE is offering customers a contest.

How can one enter the contest?
Visit download the free software. Then register your email on the green area of the link above. You can enter daily.

What are the prizes they are giving away?
Prizes include a Honda scooter, bicycles, Wii games, gas cards, and more.

Online security is important at a time when identity theft is so prevalent. Don't trust just anyone with your important data. SecureZip was awarded PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award in 2008. Need I say more?

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