Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blog Carnivals

Just wanted to share some of the Blog Carnivals I've participated in recently.

The blog to earn is a new blog carnival that focuses on:
Effective Blogging, Monetizing Your Blog, Problogging Facts and Fiction

The carnival can be found at Web Dosh!

The lastest Festival of Frugality was hosted by MyTwoDollars:
The Festival Of Frugality Is Collecting Social Security

The Carnival of Everything Finance focuses on:
useful information for topics including, but not limited to, investing, save money, shopping, being frugal, real estate and mortgage.

# 4 Edition: Carnival of Everything Finance was hosted by the Everything Finance Blog!

The Carnival of Making Money Online can be found at Free Cash Quest.
Free Cash & Making Money Online - Edition 4

Now you have some great reads for your weekend. I hope you all enjoy it!

Oh and be sure to leave a comment on any of the posts. I'm started to think I'm talking to myself?


Anonymous said...

I appreciate all of the research you put into your posts. I'm a first-time reader and I'll be back later this weekend to give a good read to what you have published. Thanks much.

Trix said...

Hi, you have a really interesting and informative site..I've been reading your blog amd also your lenses. I take my hat off to you...its amazing what you accomplish, especially with 7 children! Keep it up :)


Sunny said...

Have you made any $$$ off the blog carnivals?

Anonymous said...

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Melanie said...

Fabulous blog! Excellent Resource, just the items I was looking for! Keep up the great work! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I don't get this blog at all. It seems like a steady stream of spam. Is the only content advertisements?

Are you documenting how you're paying down your debt?

Anonymous said...

I want to participate in the blog carnival as well :) I have a new blog and hope that it will have some traffic going through though XD

Ginene said...

I just wanted to tell you, you are definitely an inspiration to me. I love your blogs!