Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Changes for Getting Out of Debt

What do you think of Getting Out of Debt's new look? I haven't finished putting in all the links and the mybloglog yet. I've been away for some time and I wanted to explain why.

School has started and that brings lots of drama. I'm not going to get into it. I wrote about it on a different blog. I've been ill too. I didn't want to write about just anything and so I've been bookmarking interesting sites to write about in the future. I know most of you are wondering the following.

Why did I change the layout?
There are several reasons for this.
1. The other layout was great, but it caused information overload.
2. The other template didn't allow me to use textlinkads. I was missing out on some revenue!
3. I wanted to let my readers use the new great comment function blogger installed. Now when you comment here, you can subscribe to the comments and continue in the conversation. I hated not knowing whether or not readers were reading my replies.
4. Now you can comment here and get a link back! That's right..."no follow" tags in the comments.
5. I kept the other template for some time because I was waiting to find just the right template. Changing the template is time consuming. Moving all the info. from one template is grueling...

On another note, I want to welcome my new email subscribers. If you don't receive updates to this site, be sure to sign up for it. You can just click on the orange chicklet above that says FEEDBURNER. It's a quick process.

I started sending tutorials by email to my referrals on how to gain more referrals and make more money with certain programs. I'll be posting those here, for those that miss the email.

There are more changes to come. I'm trying to take this blog to another level. If you need to contact me, I've added my email to the site. I've also added a mailing address. If you have a book or product that you want me to review, feel free to send it. You can email me to let me know.

Here's the subscription box for those of you that haven't subscribed yet:

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Blogger said...

Sorry to hear you have been ill. Hope all is better soon. The design is sure a lot simpler with this blog. Hope it does well for you. Your absense has not hurt your page rank any. :-) I am trying to start a new blog as well, but as with you this is such a busy time of year. Hopefully you can find time to stop by my blog and give your opinion. Here is the link: Make Money Online Info.

supermom_in_ny said...

I visited your site. I can totally relate to you. My job wouldn't let me take off for a few of my kid's school functions. To this day, they still don't let it go. I had the boss from hell. Believe me, I don't miss being with her all day. Actually, almost everyone that worked there when I did is gone. She's had new employess quit the same day... and a few didn't even come back after lunch. Oh and most of them were teachers!

Be sure to write tutorials for your income opps. Don't forget to forward a link to all your referrals. Be sure to find my post on having your blog indexed by Google. I added several blogs there that give links back when you review them and they have pr of 3-5!

Did you get the email I sent my Hits4Pay/DealsnCash referrals?


supermom_in_ny said...

Here's the link:
Get Some High PR Links!

Blogger said...

Thanks so much for your feedback! I have been following your success for some time now. You sure are growing in your business. You have helped me a lot! Thanks for sharing to others that struggle (myself included). Thanks also for the linkback! :-)
Make Money Online Info.