Friday, May 25, 2007

Monetize Your Blog with Vizu!

As you know, I'm always looking for ways to monetize my blogs. Last year, I came across a site called Vizu. I decided to give it a try. In order to give it a prominent place on my blog, I took off the Google Adsense. What I didn't realize was that Vizu was in it's early stages. In other words, when I took off the Adsense I lost money. I decided to wait until Vizu was a little more established.

What is Vizu?
Vizu is a market research company. When you sign up to be a publisher, you agree to put a skyscraper on your blog with a poll. These polls are made by advertisers. You choose how much you want to charge the advertisers for the answers your readers provide.

The following was taken from the Vizu site:

Why add Vizu Answers to your site?Vizu makes readership demographic data available to Publishers
Unlike ads, Vizu's polls do not take visitors off your site
Polls are interactive and encourage user participation
Polls fit the look and feel of your existing visual design
Polls provide content targeted to your audience
Polls are an excellent way to monetize your site traffic

Take a look at how I customized the widget to fit into my blog's look. It's easy to do. After you customize the poll box, you just copy and paste.

Please, particpate in the poll and see how easy and fun it will be for your readers.


Anji said...

I'm impressed; I might just give it a go. I haven't had much luck with ads on my site but a poll is something most people can't resist.

The Online-Secret Blogger said...

Hi there.. don't mean to discourage you.. i wrote an article on vizu :P hope it helps..

You can view it here:

I like ur site :) Cheers!

The Big Saver said...

Overall which do you think gives you a better chance to make money on your site?

Anonymous said...

Nice information on vizu... thanks...