Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Using Credit Cards to Make Money! is an excellent resource for anything you want to know about Credit Cards. The best part is it can help you find a credit card offerthat will earn rewards and cash! Imagine that? Using your cards wisely will mean credit card companies will pay you to use their cards!

Naviagating through the world of credit is not easy. Actually, credit card companies probably maximize on that. This site has all the information you may want organized on one site. Whether you are looking for a low interest credit card, an instant approval credit card or a rewards credit card-it's all there. Their user friendly site has all the categories listed on their home page. They also have images of credit cards with a rating system to help you decide what is best for you. The rating includes the following criteria: Intro APR, Intro Period, Regular APR, Annual Fee and Reward Type. In a glance, you can determine which card fits your lifestlye.

To make your experience more personal, their site has a blog. Their Credit Card Blog highlights features of various credit cards. These are very helpful. They will give you the best features of each site which saves you time from researching each detail.

I defnitely think this is a site that should be bookmarked by your favorite social bookmarking site. It has informative articles that may help you get out of credit card debt too!

How can you make money with your credit cards?
1. Visit to help you find the credit card with the right reward.
2. Be sure to be wise with your purchases.
3. Pay your entire balance on a monthly basis.
4. Keep track of your rewards and cash in on them!

Use your credit card to pay for monthly expenses like:
1. groceries
2. gas for your car
3. utilities
4. cable, cell phone, broadband
Be sure to pay this balance off immediately and your points will accumulate quickly. If you choose a credit card that rewards with airline miles, you may be able to get a free vacation to a great spot!

There are many people that do this to earn extra money to save or invest. Don't believe me? Just perform a Google search and read testimonies of those that have earned some nice checks from credit companies. Isn't it time to get a nice check back from those that have long taken your money?

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Tom Mayer said...

"Using credit cards to make money" is too cocky headline, to my mind. You can't earn when you are spending. However, I have found cash back credit cards that offer 5-6% cash back. But can a credit card offer be so good?