Monday, May 07, 2007

Make Money and Vote for Getting Out of Debt!

Thanks to someone in the blogoshpere, my blog was entered into the
Financial Blog Hunt. This is a contest for finance blogs arranged by DebtCC Community. The community offers $1000 prize money for the Blog Hunt winner. It helps finance blogs get connected with more bloggers, as well as gain popularity in the Blogosphere. The purpose of Blog Hunt is to find good and informative Blogs for the community. They also desire to give recognition to Bloggers for their hard work.

This came at a great time. As most of you know, I'm on a quest to get out of debt. I've found many ways to earn money online, which I always share. I would have paid off my debt, if my car hadn't kept breaking down. On Monday April 30th, my transmission died. My minivan no longer goes in reverse. I have to repair it which means lots of cash. The worst part is that I'm going to have to rent a minivan for the time being. The repair shop I called told me it would be about $2000. The rental of a minivan for the two weeks they paln to take to repair it is an additional $1500-$2000. The final cost of the two will cost me close to $4000.00. That's what I owe on the van! :( Everytime I get close to getting out of the hole of debt, my car breaks down or some other emergency comes up. (The fact that he is behind on the child support payments doesn't help either.) It would be great to win the prize. I could really use it!

Here's the link to the contest. I know many of you find the information I give very useful. I ask that you show your dedication to this site by voting for it. Pretty please! I've placed a link that will take you directly to the site.

One more thing, that community has a great way for bloggers to earn money. They have a way for you to get paid to blog! You can write about debt on their blogs which are monetized with Google Adsense. You keep 80% of the revenue and they keep 20%. Visit the site and learn more.

Do you recommend for dtcc Bloghunt?

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