Monday, May 07, 2007

Bloggerwave: Paid Blogging!

Bloggerwave is a new addition to the "get paid to blog" companies. They are currently looking for bloggers that have blogs that are indexed by Gooogle. How can you get paid to blog? Read on!

How can you blog for pay with Bloggerwave?
1. You must register on their site.
2. You must have a PayPal
account for payment! Don't have one? Get one, it's FREE!
3. You can submit a maximum of 5 blogs. If they find the quality of your blogs to be of value, they may allow you to submit more.
4. There is no daily limit to the amount of offers you can write about.
5. You can write about an offer on a blog only once. Fortunately if you have multiple blogs, you can take several offers.
6. The minimum amount you can earn per offer is $1.00. There is no maximum amount. My blogs are pr 3 and 4. The offers are currently worth $10.00 each.

Now go sign up and register your blogs to make money on the internet and get out of debt!

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