Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Is the Gift for Me or the Diva?

Mother's Day is approaching fast. The Diva showed me what she wants to get me. My question is: "Is the gift for me or for her?" Let me explain why I wonder... See, she's at the age where looks are important. Well, looks are important to an extent. Most people don't go out looking the way they do when they wake up in the morning, right? What I mean is that for some people, looks are the most important thing. More important than their finances, their jobs and their kids. I really don't have the time to bother with nails and hair. I keep my nails short and my hair long. I put my hair up when it's too hot, I leave it loose when I have the time to really style it. Makeup? Not really. I never really wore heavy makeup. Foundation, moisturizer, blush, mascara and lipstick are applied on special days. Otherwise, lip gloss or chapstick will do. That't it.

That brings me to the gift that was chosen. Is she trying to tell me something? Does she want me to wear more makeup? Is it that the gift is what she wants? I think it may be the latter. Makeup Mirrors are important to a person that wears makeup. The lighted ones are perfect for applying night or day makeup. For a person like me that is NOW low maintenance...I have to believe she wants it. So, before she goes and makes a purchase (with the money she earns), I think I'll ask her about her motive. It just may save her some time and money...


golfwidow said...

Ask her. By all means. It might be as simple as that she loves how you look when you "pretty yourself up" and wants to make it easier for you to do so.

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