Friday, January 12, 2007

Motley Fool Mortgage UK : A Review

Motley Fool Mortgage UK has requested I write a review of their UK mortgage site. Motley Fool is one of my favorite sites, so I jumped at the chance. They always have great stories in their forums and excellent resources on their site. I'm already acquainted with their US site, so I clicked on the link to see their UK site.

First let me tell you, most of you already know how physically, emotionally and financially draining it is to buy a home. Of course, if you're smart it won't deplete all your resources, just consume your home fund. It's always a great idea to be completely informed about all your choices before taking such a big step. Motley Fool UK can help you with this. Their site has a breakdown of every possible kind of mortgage. They give you a step by step guide of what to expect and what the future will look like with that specific loan. It's very important that you spend time reading over the different types of mortgages. What is a great fit for a friend may not be a perfect marriage for you.

When you enter their mortgage loan category, you wil see a page that has the different rates UK companies have! They provide impartial information on mortgage products. You can even get a quote from every company listed. They have great articles for the mortgage hunter that will quench those worries and fears.

Motley Fool Mortgage UK has a free mortgage guide too. How can you get one? Just enter your email and it will be sent to your inbox! It's a great idea to request for one. There are always fees that most people don't expect, like title fees and TIPS to the companies involved... Make your home purchase a pleasant experience and research all the possibilites. A mortgage is something that you will deal with for a quarter of a century. Get the right mortage at the right rate. Doing all the research before hand can save you tons of money in the long run. With this site, you only have to go to one place. Use their mortgage calcualtors, their quotes and all their other resources to make the right decisions. Now go take a look and see what I mean...

*This has been a sponsored post.*

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