Friday, January 12, 2007

A Method to the Madness

There was a reason why I chose to not include photos on my blogs. When some people are confronted with certain situations, they become deaf and dumb. Sometimes to be taken serious, you must do certain things. I did what I did and I exercised my brain. Now it's time to exercise my bod.

These are pictures of me. I've never had a problem bouncing back from a pregnancy. Most of the time, I went back to to 101 within the first week. This a perfect example of how people that are emotionally abusive can cause havoc on your preception. Everyday I had to hear how I was fat....and ugly. Thinking you're fat at a size 1/2 or 3/4 is a red flag for an eating disorder. My ex-husband reminded me everyday, how overweight I was????

Yup, I was really fat (a size 1/2-3/4).... I find it amazing how he was able to get me to believe what he did. I can honestly say I lost myself in that relationship. I walked away from everything that I had worked for. I left everything I enjoyed to be submersed in a world of misery. Strangley enough, I know that when it comes to relationships like that-both parties have a need that each is "feeding". I believe that since I grew up in a very controlling household, where my parents were extremely overprotective...I gravitated to his insanely jealous, overly possessive, irrational ways. In about six months, I'm going to reveal some details that are going to blow you away. I'm convinced it was due to my upbringing.

Since I have decided to go attack this weight problem, I will be slowing down for the next two weeks. Slowing down from my blogging and internet activities. I will still be doing some things I have to tend to, but for the most part I will not be spending 12 hours on the net. I will be training to get back into shape. I want to go back to the studio to get some updated shots. The kids need some new headshots as well. This is something we enjoy.

I'm getting closer to the debt free mark. This venture has spurred me to really pursue my goals. I sincerely hope my life is completely different by the end of this year. All it takes is baby steps in the right direction, right! Taking action will propel us in the direction of success...

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Since I'm sharing pictures, which one of my kids do you think looks the most like me?
This is The Comedian.

This is The Diva.

The Entrepreneur and The Little One.

This is the Princess.

The Chatterbox (my niece) and The Princess.

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