Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sell Your Old Ink Cartridges and/or Cell Phones!

Sell Your Ink Cartridges
Here is another way to earn some money to pay off your debt! You can also refer your school, church or other non profit organization to this great fundraiser!

There are several companies that pay you for inkjet cartridges with print heads. The reason I like this one is because provide you with the pre-paid shipping labels or boxes. Unlike other ink recycling companies, they pay cash. They process your check within 5 days of receiving your shipment. The most they pay is $4.00 and the least is $1.00. The other companies pay much less. you can search your cartridge by make and model or image.

Think of the money your favorite charity can raise by collecting ink cartridges from it's members (as well as their families and friends).

Why do they do this? They recycle the cartridges and sell them at their sister website at up to 80% savings. You not only get the benefit or some cash, but you are recycling and helping our environment. It's a win-win situation!

Visit and see how easy it is! You can help your church's building fund or help your child's school buy new textbooks!

Sell Your Old Cell Phones
Type in your make and model or find the image of your phone. It will tell you how much they are offering. If you take the offer, they will send you a box and shipping label. They make sure the phone works and they send you a check for the amount offered on the site. This can also be a great fundraiser for the charity of your choice!

Cell For Cash

I hope these two opportunities were helpful for you and/or your favorite charity. I'm currently testing a few more sites to earn income from home. I will post a tutorial on the site as soon as I'm positive that they are legitimate. Subscribe to this blog or bookmark the site to always get the latest information on new work from home opportunities. Enjoy your week! To make sure that you haven't missed any information on new income opps, visit the link below.

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Anonymous said...

you never disappointed me giving out better information and helping me out each time I red your information.I hope you will keep it up.

Bob the recycler said...

I've never tried to get money for ink, just give it away to charity. I have used one of the cell phone recycling programs. It was pretty good, though often you get more money someplace like ebay if you keep your phone in good shape and it's still somewhat popular.

Sell Your Cell phone said...

Very nice post! Thanks. :)