Sunday, November 19, 2006

10 Ways to Save Money by Recycling

There are many ways you can reuse and recycle products to stay within a budget. I love to cut corners where I can, but I have to admit there are things I won't do. As I've mentioned it before, I won't buy generic Oreo's or skimp on my coffee. Those are my few luxuries. Everybody has them, right?

Here are Ten Recycling Tips:
1. Some supermarkets give you a 2 cent or 3 cent credit for every shopping bag you reuse. Save your old paper towel tubes and stuff your shopping bags in their. It makes them easy to store in your car and grab when you just need to get a few staples!
2. Don't throw out those fabric softener sheets. Earlier this year, I read how NCN bought enough fabric softener sheets for the year! (Great job!) After you use them in the dryer, use them to dust your blinds, ceiling fans or anywhere dust collects. They're great!
3. Your old light bulbs can be recycled. How? They can be turned into Christmas Tree Ornaments.
4. You know the plastic bottles (that don't have a refund) can be cut and used as funnels! Keep one in your car in case of en emergency.
5. Save the soda caps to use with the light bulbs for the Christmas Ornaments. They can be hot glued to the other end and suspended with floral wire. Paint the soda caps gold and the light bulbs can be decoupaged or spray painted.
6. Coffee grinds are great for geraniums! I saw this years ago on a gardening show and it works. The acidity is great for their soil.
7. Plastic coffee containers are great to hold small accessories or toys! Think legos!
8. I bought the Tidy Cat litter on sale (the one that comes in the huge plastic container). I didn't throw out the container so that I could reuse it. I buy whatever is on sale and pour it in the container. The bags are usually cheaper, but the containers are better for storage purposes.
9. You can save your annuals by placing them in a closet and covering them with a brown paper bag! You're recycling your annauls and reusing brown paper bags.
10. Brown paper bags can be used to cover your child's text book and as gift wrapping paper. Think creative stamping!

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Feel free to leave your favorite way of recycling products to save money.

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