Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Real Estate Trick That Turned Into a Biz

After researching a real estate trick that has been used in the past, I found that it has turned into a lucrative business. It seems to be well known that there are some real eatate agencies and agents that help customers pad their credit history to improve their credit score. This piggybacking credit trick has turned into big business.

After being successful in such a venture, someone took it to another level. A site called Seasoned Trades was highlighted in a Wall Street Journal article. The company has found a way to use credit cards with excellent credit history for 9-27 years. For a fee, they will add your name to this credit account and so increase your credit score almost immediately by at least 200 points!

Whether you agree with this or would rather get your credit history the traditional way, it's big business. Enough business that there are copycat sites sprouting up. Paying for a better credit score? We have George Jetson webcams and treadmills and Star Trek cell phones. I know you must have known it was just a matter of time....

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