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Arrington, Calacanis and Scoble, Can Someone Tell Me Why?

On December 3rd, Michael Arrington from TechCrunch wrote a post about the newly launched This is a new site that chronicles the journey of You know PPP. They're the company that pays you to blog. Of course, Michael once again took a shot at Ted Murphy and the PPP business model. (I hope you don't mind if I call you Michael). The review was suppose to be about PPP's new site which is very entertaining reality tv. Go ahead, watch it and see for yourself.

This is what Jason Calacanis said about it:
"I can't wait for the episode where Ted (the founder) goes to jail."

Here's the rest of it:
December 3 2006
PayPerPost Chronicles Their Amorality

A little harsh

During this whole school yard bully drama, (I should know...I have 7 kids), I've left comments here and there and asked the A-listers one question. What is that question?

Why is there so much animosity towards when the first "get paid to blog" site marketed to the average blogger was Blogitive?

Although some of my fellow bloggers have been heckled on their comments section by these A-listers, my question continues to go unanswered. Perhaps there is something more WE don't know about? Perhaps this is all a ploy to funnel thousands of hits to PPP's site? It does seem like a great marketing ploy. After all Ted is the ultimate "guerilla" marketer. He flooded The Today Show street audience with free Tshirts and posterboards with the PPP logo. Then he made the video viral with the assistance of and the PPP posties.

I'd like to take a look at some of the similarities between Blogitive and PPP.
1. They both pay bloggers to write content and provide a link in their post.
2. They both have a screening process for bloggers.
3. Neither of them accepts community blog sites that are adsense revenue sharing sites like, and others.
4. Both companies want the blogs to be over 90 days old.
5. Both companies require the blogs to be indexed by Google.

Here are some of the differences:
1. Blogitive has been around much longer, but has gone under the radar? (I guess they can consider themselves lucky...)
2. PPP has a limit on the amount of posts a blogger can submit per day per blog.
3. Blogitive provides a press release that must be worked into the content of the post accompanied by the appropriate link.
4. Blogitive gives the blogger a 48 hour time frame to complete and submit the post.
5. PPP just started a 30 minute grace period to give the blogger time to post.
6. Blogitive pays weekly by paypal. This makes it very appealing to many WAHMs and SAHMs. (Trust me I know. I am a member of many, many WAHM and mommy blogger forums.)
7. PPP pays you (by paypal) after your post has been up for 30 days.

You guys probably wouldn't know all of that, so I thought I'd share... Isn't that nice of me? (It's the mommy in me.)

My guess is that PPP is creating waves in the blogosphere, using every major traffic generator possible. That's right, they've used Digg, YouTube and even put out a "hit" on Flickr (geared towards Robert). I guess that makes them an easy target. They are growing into an "EVIL" entity that is "polluting the integrity of the blogosphere". (Can't remember which one of you guys said that...) Regardless, I'm here to tell you that PPP was not the first to introduce this business model. So, why all the drama?

This is what Jason Calacanis just said and you can even watch the YouTube video!
* Payperpost and similar paid review blogging models do nothing but dirty up the blogosphere like someone dumping trash on our city streets.

Jason Calacanis Speaks About Digg, Netscape, SEO & Pay Per Post Blogging
December 5th, 2006 by Loren Baker, Editor

Scoble's latest post on PPP: doesn’t allow PayPerPost and other SEO gaming
PayPerPost is a way to game search engines. If you want to do that, take your blog somewhere else and protect those of us who aren’t willing to do that
Immediately after the post, you can read this comment by a blogger:
1. “Also, if you want to put lots of ads and things on your blog, why are you using a free service? Pay for a host and put that stuff somewhere else.”

Says Robert, advertising his book (twice) on his free blog Not saying you shouldn’t. But, it’s not that different from a sidebar of Google Ads.

Comment by remarkable — November 10, 2006 @ 2:00 am

Please be sure to give out the right information. Blogitive was on the scene first. Just wanted all of you to get your facts straight before you go on your next PPP rant. If anyone "polluted the blogsosphere", it was Blogitive. At least blame the right company?!

Ever heard this before?
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

(That advice is only if the animosity all of you harbor against PPP is genuine and not just a great marketing strategy that's taking place behind closed doors far from the "little bloggers" like me...)

If you want to DIGG this story, here's the link:
Arrington, Calacanis and Scoble Make You Go Hhhmmm?

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