Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An Information and Comparison Site for Australian Finance Products

MoneyBuddy is a new site where you can find information and comparison shop for Australian financial products. What sets this site apart from the rest? This site was created by guys that are all under 23 yrs old! Great job guys!

The MoneyBuddy site is user friendly. You can easily compare prices for home loans, credit cards and car loans. They have a library of articles that help you navigater through many different personal finance issues. Al in all, this is a pretty good site. I'm just amazed that it was created by individuals that are under 23! When I was 23, I was on my second child. I worked a full time job, had a car payment, 31 credit cards and a savings account. Although I had gone to college for Buiness Managment and worked in a bank, my knowlege of personal finance was very, very limited.

To the guys at Money Buddy: Good Work and Best Luck to You!

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