Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A PayDay Loan: For Emergencies

With all the crazy things I've been through this year, I know about emergencies. This year started with my youngest son breaking his leg, he then jumped into a fountain in August, I had a car accident in October and my dog was hospitalized yesterday. Those are only a few of the unexpected events. I'm sure you've had them too.

Unfortunately, I don't have an emergency fund and because I'm currently financially stretched beyond belief...I can't create one. Although people may have negative feelings about payday loans, I found this one that is a bit different.

National Payday will give you a cash advance once approved. Why do I think you should bookmark ths site? In case of an emergency. See, this payday loan company is different. You can even have bad credit.

What are the requirements for a payday loan through
1. Your first cash advance loan is free as long as you pay the entire balance you owe on your due date. If you don't pay, you will have a 25% fee. (That's why you should pay it on time!)
2. A checking account open for at least one month with no bounced checks.
3. A steady job where you must make at least $1000.00 a month.
4. No more than one cash advance or payday loan from any othe lender.
5. The money is direct deposited into your checking account and if the apllication is processed before 2pm EST, it should be available the next day.

Sorry, they don't operate on weekends or national holidays.

You should bookmark, in case you experience an emergency like I've had. You can apply for the money, have it direct deposited, use it and pay it back all for FREE. Remember, you can only get that freebie once. So don't do anything rash!

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