Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where to Find Great Personal Finance Articles

Keeping current on personal finance and financial literacy is a hobby of mine.  I enjoy reading about how others create plans and execute them to get out of debt and / or build wealth.  Why?  There are many methods that can be used to achieve success. The trick is finding the method that works for you.  That's why
I try to read as many debt, personal finance and wealth building articles I can.  There is one that I would love to recommend called Lexington Law.  

The link that I shared above is to Lexington Law's twitter feed. I strongly advise you to follow them. They share awesome articles that are informative and very helpful to those seeking personal finance education. For example, they have credit help for entrepreneurs, tips for home buyers and info on teaching kids about money. Their articles cover a wide variety of topics which I love to share on facebook. Why keep a great find like this a secret? Not me. That's why I wanted to share it with my readers too.

Who is Lexington Law? It is consumer advocacy law firm. Unlike other law firms, they have offices across several states. They provide services that range from bankruptcy, to divorce, child custody, home mortgages, credit report repair and more.

Follow their twitter feed, check out their website, read some articles and let me know what you think below in the comments area.  I would love to know if you found this site useful!  Thanks in advance!

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