Saturday, March 03, 2012

More is better

The article written by Landon Gilbert

Whenever my husband and I decide to buy something, we always add up the pros and cons before we make our final decision as to what to buy. Like when we got our new car, we were trying to decide between a brand new car that did not have a lot of extras and would lose value as soon as we drove it off the lot as compared to a used car that was not very old and had a lot of extras and low mileage. Well the one with the most extras won out with us, and that is the one that we bought. Recently we were trying to decide between Direct TV vs Cable. We already had the basic cable television that did not have many extras. If we wanted more than we had, we would have to fork out a lot more money. When we checked into Direct TV, we found we could get a lot more for less money than we were going to have to pay to get a similar set up with cable. So needless to say we went with Direct Tv and have been very happy with our choice.

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