Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mentoring Minds Publishes Educational Resources and Educational Strategies

When I first moved to the little house on the prairie, I considered homeschooling.  However, after much thought I decided to send the kids to school because they would not have much socialization.  I didn't have any friends out here and they would spend most of their time alone.  There were times I regretted my decision, especially when my oldest son and youngest daughter experienced bullying.  The worst part was that the teachers were completely oblivious to the signs.  They also lacked the tools to bring lessons to the class to help stop the cruel behavior.  Had I known about the following company, I would have purchased the resources and given them to the school staff. publishes resources for educators that provide instructional strategies, critical thinking, professional development and more.

If you are an educator, they offer bullying resources that will help you identify and thwart bullying among your students. Mentoring Minds has resources that help educators identify and address bullying. They also offer guides for students that empower them to deal with bullies. Are you aware of cyber bullying that is effecting your classroom dynamics? You can purchase a cyber bullying guide to help your students and their families tackle this widespread problem.

Critical thinking is a valuable skill that will help your students achieve success at work and daily living. Mentoring minds provides products that helps teachers give students the necessary tools needed for critical thinking too.

Check out the company created by educators and browse through their valuable tools that will nurture success and healthy environment in any school environement, even preschool and Sunday school!

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