Thursday, April 07, 2011

How I got my house ready for winter!

Authored by Edgar Guy

Declaring War on a Maine Winter

Say you live in the polar bear state of Maine, and you're on disability, and you're single and live alone. Sound fun? Well let me tell you it was War!

First of all, anything that has to be done has to be cheap. Don't you think of that in conjunction with home ownership?! I know I do. The first thing I did was clean my furnace, myself. Now, if this sounds a bit impressive to you, let me tell you, it did to me as well. And, also, a bit scary. What do you use to clean your own furnace? Let me tell you- a vacuum is very useful. I had just purchased a new one when this happened. A brand, spankin' new white one, to be exact. Now, I really had to recite some facts to myself, i.e., " Lori, how much money do you think it'll cost me to do it the right way- call burner guy?! Sixty dollars just to say hello.

This may sound hilarious to you ( believe me it was ), but I actually saw some home Energysavings out of all this. I even had some cracked storm windows, and you know what? I patched those, and my oil use did go down a little. It just goes to show you- entrepreneurship knows no income bracket!

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