Sunday, April 24, 2011

Avoid Credit Nightmares, Get A Free Credit Score Report!

This is a picture of my Valentine's Day present. Yes, I got a car a lot smaller than what I was used to but I love it. My oldest has her own car, so I didn't mind getting something smaller than a minivan. Comes in handy when you're looking for parking. LOL! (Those of you that follow me on Facebook saw it when I posted it on my profile). This was a gift from Little One's Dad. Let me tell you, it was his first car purchase. Need I say more?

Actually, the car shopping experience went a little less painful than I thought. I kept telling him to get a free credit score before going to the dealership, but he never listens. He didn't know what his credit score was going to look like. He is 48 and has never really cared about getting credit. I know. CRAZY!

Let me tell you, how it went down.
1. The car salesman gives him a form to fill out.
2. He fills it out and returns it.
3. The car salesman runs it through the system.
4. The salesman tells us, he doesn't have a credit history.
5. The salesman is shocked and tells him it doesn't look good.

Hello? Do you really think I would go to a dealership unprepared.
1. I tell the salesman he has another full time job he hasn't listed.
2. I proceed to take out two and half months of uncashed paychecks for proof of income.
3. I tell the salesman I would like something used because I don't want a monthly

The salesman's whole attitude changes. Little One's Dad decides on this car because it has less mileage and is a newer model than the other options. He gets the loan, starts a new credit history and picks up a monthly car payment! (There goes my plan of no monthly payments.) The salesman tells him to make timely payments so that he can raise his credit score. That way he can come back in two years and get a truck with four wheel drive (which was his original desire).

The Suzuki SX4 came with XM radio, 6 CD changer, Garmin GPS, keyless entry and lots of other extras. I really enjoy this car! The kids love it too. Best of all, I don't have to worry about being stranded.

How does he feel about the car he's paying for and hardly drives? He only thinks of the truck he'll be able to buy in two years. In the meantime, I am enjoying this car. What can I tell you. I love to live in the moment. :)

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