Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Squidoo Money

I am totally excited about sharing my latest experiences with all the different ways I have been making money online.  I think I will start with my Squidoo Money experiment.  Two years ago, I wrote about the 60 Day Squidoo Challenge I was participating in, but I didn't complete it.  Why?  Well,  because my efforts weren't producing a lot of results. That's because I hadn't cracked the Squidoo code yet.  Let me explain.

When I first started using Squidoo, I knew little about creating truly profitable lenses. I was basically just churning out lenses on topics I thought would be profitable such as the latest teen heart throbs, making money online and a few topics I knew something about. Did I make money using Squidoo? Yes, but most of the money I earned came from products or sites I recommended. I got a lot of referrals, commissions from sites or products I recommended and a few clickbank sales. You're probably thinking I shouldn't be complaining.  I am not, but I can't believe how I was missing out on sales because I was doing it all wrong.

What has changed about my Squidoo lens building? 
There is a winning Squidoo formula that can be followed to create profitable lenses over and over again!

What difference does this Squidoo formula? 
Now I make sales almost every day from Amazon or ebay!  After years of failing at earning commissions with Amazon, I received my first direct deposit two months after following this Squidoo guide.

Since this amazing discovery, I have created a total of 55 lenses. The really surprising part of it all is the speed at which you can profit from a Squidoo lens. I created a lens and in a few days made a sale! What I couldn't believe is that none of the backlinks I had created for the lens were visible yet. That beats the speed of making a profit with an automated blog!  What's even more unbelievable is that you don't need tons of visitors to make a profit.  The image on the left proves that even a low ranked Squidoo lens with little traffic can make sales!

If you would like to get the free guide I read that helped me make profitable Squidoo lenses, sign up for Squidoo using my referral link. Contact me with the username you used and I will send it to you. I will even send a few backlinks your way to get you on the right path!

Can't wait for the next Squidoo payday next week! My payouts have increased every month since I followed this free ebook.  When you read this free Squidoo lens ebook and you take action, your lenses will make money too!


tabasamu said...

Thanx for your encouragement.
Am already in squidoo what should i do to get the info?

ollyfreelance said...

thanks for this useful post.i try and come back to read more of it.

klaird said...

I've focused a lot of my online time in the last 6 months to learning everything I could about Squidoo and SEO, and making more Squidoo pages. Now my work is starting to pay off.

I used to only make about $30 per month, and now I'm looking forward to a $900+ paycheck when Squidoo pays out next week. I'm using my extra money to pay down debt too, and also supplement our retirement savings.