Wednesday, December 09, 2009

How to Make Money Online With Hubpages

make money with hubpages is a free site where members can create content on subjects that interest them. (HubPages are free and you can use them to make money online!) They are similar to Squidoo however they are set up to resemble an article instead of a lens. I joined HubPages in the summer of 2006 and never finished my "hub". This week, I decided to finish it and I learned many interesting things. I had to share it with everyone!

HubPages are great for many reasons. First of all, have a very active community. Your content will get views from the community, even before it's picked up by search engines. The HubPages site has a Google page rank of 6. My advice to you: open a hubpage account, fill out your profile and add your website! Web 2.0 sites are great ways to build your backlinks!

The second reason I love HubPages is because they can be monetized with Google Adsense, Amazon and Kontera. Your ads are shown 60% of the time and the other 40% shows their ads. (They have to make money some way...)

Can one make money with Hubpages?
Of course! Court from The Keyword Academy decided to run an experiment to see if one could make money with HubPages. He decided to create 100 HubPages in 30 days. What were his results? "The total amount made during the 30 day experiment was $475.26."

Are HubPages easy to create?
Yes, they are. They are even easier to monetize. They have drog and drop technology. Can't get easier than that? You can create hubpages about pretty much any topic. They forbid the usual topics: drugs, adult sites, gambling, hate sites, etc.

The third reason I love Hubpages is because of the link juice they pass on to your links. You must have a hubber score of at least 74 to have no follow tags enabled on your hubs. However, it's not difficult to get a 74. I got more than a 74 as soon as I published my hub.

What is the best way to use HubPages?
Write hubs about your blog or site using keywords you want to target. It's a link from a site with a page rank of 6! Be sure to add your adsense ID as well as the other affiliate networks they have available for you to use. Get to writing and publish those hubs!

One more tip:
Before I published my first hub, I read several hubs and left comments. I also visited the forums and participated. Apparently, particpation in the Hubber community contributes to your hubber score. Remember, when your hubber score is 74 or higher it means your links are do follow.

** Updated: February 16, 2010 **
I found a HubPages Course consisting of Video Tutorials for those that like to learn by video. However, if you visit my hubpages, you'll find tutorials I wrote that should help you earn money pretty quickly.

Hope you enjoyed this post and that you make some money with HubPages.


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