Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Squidoo 60 Day Challenge: Money to Pay Off Debt

Recently, I've become obsessed with paying off my auto loan. Why? It will lower my insurance premiums, free up over $200.00 a month and allow me to save for something better. This time I want to pay cash. My Squidoo earnings have been increasing and after doing some research, I found many people earning a nice income from their Squidoo lenses. Not only that, I found The 60 Day Squidoo Challenge: Make a Supplemental Income On Squidoo In 60 Days Or Less by icjackson (70 lenses).

Want to join me on this 60 Day Squidoo Challenge?
Of course you do. What could you do with an extra $100.00 or more from Squidoo? I'm sure many of you would love to snowball some credit card payments. Others may want to save, invest or shop for Christmas gifts without worry. (Remember, money you earn now will be paid in two months.) Ok, so you want to join Squidoo, but don't know what to expect. For those of you that need a little (or a lot of help) with Squidoo, I will answer some important questions you may have.

How can I earn more money with my Squidoo lenses?
The answer is make more quality lenses to increase your earnings. Yes,there are lenses that earn more money than others. Why? To answer that, you need to understand how you earn money on Squidoo.

How does anyone earn money on Squidoo?
There are two ways Squidoo lensmasters earn money.
1. Squidoo lensmasters can earn money from the adsense pool.
That money is divided among lensmasters by the rank of their lenses. The top 2000 lenses earn between $8.00 and $12.00 each. The next two tiers earns even less. There is a lens created by Loyalis (498 lenses) that examines the Squidconomy - The Economics of Squidoo. Visit the lens to see a more clear picture.
2. Squidoo lensmasters can earn money from affiliate sales.
A Squidoo lensmaster can use the modules available on Squidoo to earn revenue. Of course, your profit is split with Squidoo. A lensmaster can choose to use their own affiliate links from affiliate networks or clickbank and keep the full commission. The choice is yours. If you're new to affiliate marketing, you may want to start with the Squidoo modules provided. At the same time, learn all that you can about the affiliate marketing.

So I created a Squidoo lens, what next?
You may have created the most unique, greatest lens on the earth, but you;re the only one that knows about it. You need traffic. Email it to your friends and family. What else can you do? Guess what? A Squidoo lensmaster created a lens to give you the tools you need to promote your lens. The Squidoo lensmaster jeffwend (481 lenses) created Promoting Your Lens Outside Of Squidoo

How much do these Lensmasters earn?
That depends on the topic of their lens, how many they have and how they monetize it.

The current top lens Are you a Stay at Home Mom (or Dad) Interested in Earning a Monthly Income? was made by a SAHM known as Janet21 (89 lenses). This is a screen shot of her Squidoo earnings. Visit her lens to get all the details...
Janet21 Squidoo earnings

PotPieGirl (112 lenses) created an ebook to help with the marketing of your Squidoo lens. On her blog, PotPieGirl has shared some information on her earnings.

Loyalis revealed he earned this: One Squidoo Lens, One month, $1,000. Most recently, the Captain Squid wrote a post revealing he earned ? $500 in one day

How much am I earning? I earned close to $70.00 in one month for (16) lenses I created. Many of them were made over a year ago. Those totals don't include earnings from affiliate networks. I realized that this was a big deal. Why? I wasn't putting much time into Squidoo, but what if I did? That got me to thinking, "What if I created more lenses?" Most of the top earners on Squidoo have 100's of lenses. What if I created 100's of lenses? Not only that, I could link my blogs to them which creates more traffic. Best of all, I added my twitter profile and have tripled my followers.

Squidoo can help you earn more money, increase your social media networks and traffic.

So, who's going to join me on the 60 Day Squidoo Challenge? Leave the link to your Squidoo lensmaster page in the comments. (Be sure to complete your Squidoo lensmaster profile!) You will miss out on some traffic. How? I'll leave that for another post....


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Miragi said...

Great, no EXCELLENT informative read! Thanks for all the killer advice!

Anonymous said...

sounds intriguing. i guess the trick is to coming up with a catchy theme/niche and being informational so that people will will like it :/

Bestfreebies said...

I've read about the 60 day squidoo challenge, but with updating website, maintaining blogs and taking care of my baby, it sounds a lot of work. I too have 15 lenses on Squidoo, and some of them have quite a high PR.
Best of luck!
Check out my lenses if you like

Unknown said...

BigJim on Squidoo -

Excellent post. Probably can't do the 60 Day Challenge, but it's a great lens and concept. It will inspire me to make a few more lenses and brighten up some of my existing ones.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to make money on squidoo. Very wonderful post. I did bookmark it. my lensmaster page is


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This is a good opportunity for those who have the time to make a little money on the side. Good luck with this!

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