Friday, December 28, 2007

PayPerPlay: Get Paid for Your Traffic!

There's a new way for bloggers to monetize their blogs. How would you like to get paid for your traffic? The NetAudioAds Group have pre launched their new PayPerPlay advertising program. Usually, I wait until I receive payment before writing about a site, but this time I decided not to wait. Why? The earlier you get into this program, the more money you may make.

What is PayPerPlay?
It is a five second audio commericial that automatically plays when a visitor enters your site. (For a sample of what the ads sound like, follow the link above.)

How does PayPerPlay work?
After registering and being accepted into the program, you receive a java script code that you embed into your blog or site. Everytime someone visits your blog, you make money.

Are there other ways that you can earn through PayPerPlay?
There are three ways that can make money.
1. You earn money for every visitor.
2. You earn residual income from every direct referral's visits.
3. You earn residual income from the next level of referrals too.

How much money can you make from your traffic?
The site says you will be able to keep track of your earnings through the stats page on their site.
Here's the breakdown of the earnings:
25% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads you serve on your own website(s).

5% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads played on the website(s) of those you refer.

5% of what the advertiser spends on PPP ads played on the website(s) that your direct referrals bring on board.

What kind of ads will be displayed?
You'll be happy to know, you will never have any hate, pornographic, or subversive ads played.

How do they determine which ads are appropriate to my site?
PPP's technology crwals your content, much like Google's spiders. They will only serve ads that relevant to your blog or site.
PPP will try to serve niche specific ads but if one is not found it will play a general ad that would be appropriate for any niche.

Is this opportunity open to anyone in the world?
PPP states they are open to bloggers and webmasters all over the world!

I know some of you think this is a great opportunity, but you don't know how to increase your traffic. Well, I have written a few posts about increasing your traffic using email lists, ptrs and more. For an excellent way to use social bookmarking sites to incrase your traffic, read How I Quadrupled My Blog’s Traffic In 3 Months written by Mert Erkal at Search for Blogging. He's written a step by step guide that is easy to understand and simple to follow.

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John Kaighn said...

I have also signed up for PPP and think it offers a great way to monetize your site, and begin to make money from your advertising, even if you don't make a sale. It is a way to capitalize on the many dollars which were spent on television advertising in the past, that are now finding their way to the internet.

John Kaighn


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eOneNet said...

Another way to make money through your blogs is to get more traffics and then you will be paid for each clicks...

Chun Ei
Internet Marketing company since 2000

Anonymous said...

Anything that can help me get out of debt ounds like a good plan. 25% rev share doesnt sound all that great but its better than nothing