Friday, September 14, 2007

Running a contest? Let these Contest Bloggers Know!

I'm very grateful to those that took the time to write a post about the contest I was running. I'd like to send them some link love and let everyone know about these great sites that are springing up all over the blogosphere.

Contest Blogger
The first book winner on Getting Out of Debt. You can email him about any contests you are running. He'll write a post about it, if he chooses to include it on his site. You can also pay a fee to be on his featured contests link. It gives you more traffic. :)

Contest Beat:
It's only been around the month of September, but they are really keeping track of the contests out there!
Another blog that reviews contests on the net. This one also has contests from companies on the net, not just blogs.
Blog Contests on the NET. The title says it all!

Laura Williams'Musings

Laura will post your contests on her blog, free of charge. Be sure to give her all your details in the email.

There you go, free advertising for your blog's contest. What more an you ask for? Now go visit the site, participate in some contests and win some FREE STUFF!

***If you own a blog or site that features contests being run on the internet, leave your comment here and I'll add you to the list!***

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Thanks for the link!

Check out for more blog contest info.

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Don't forget about another big one,

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Thanks for the link-up!