Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Forum that Can Help You Get Out of Debt!

There is a forum that has a community of 89843 members! No this forum is not about Britney, Lindsay, Paris or MTV. That is the surprising part. This forum is for people that are getting out of debt. Membership is free. is a great resource for those lookng for relief from the burden of debt. They have a form you can fill out to receive free information about various ways you can reduce your debt. If you're not ready for professional help, they also have several free articles that can help you reduce your debt. You can start a topic on the forum and ask questions for the community to answer. They also have a great program called Debt Samaritan. There are guidelines in place to qualify for this voluntary position. Debt Samaritans are people that have been in debt and have empathy for others that are in the same situation.

This forum is a great resource for anyone that is in debt. Go visit the forums. You may learn something new or share priceless advice!


Unknown said...

very cool post! I am heading over now to check out that forum board!
Thanks for the info..Dana

Anonymous said...

What a great site it is! Thanks for sharing it... I really like their forums.