Thursday, September 27, 2007

Money4Banners:Make Money and Get Out of Debt!

Money4Banners or is a site I recently discovered. The reason I like sites like this one is because you get passive income from one action. Like the way that sounds?

Here's how Money4Banners works:
1. You use their application to sign up your blog or site.
2. You choose three pages you will display their 468x60 banner.
3. You submit the URL to the three pages.
4. They accept or decline your apllication. Once you're accepted you will receive the html code, which you copy and paste on the predetermined pages.
5. After 30 days, you receive your payment. You have the choice of receiving an Amazon voucher worth £10 or a payment to your paypal account. After that, you will receive £5 a month. This payment can add up if you have several blogs.

Did you notice that the payments are not in American dollars?
After going on Google and checking the currency exchange rate, I realized that the amount is almost double in American dollars. Even after you are charged by paypal for the currency exchange, you will make money for displaying their banners.

I just went through the process last week. I'll keep you posted on the payment process. I've never used paypal in this manner. I might as well start, right? So far, I only added one blog. Once I receive payment, I'll start adding the others.

There's nothing like passive income!

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Ginene said...

Sounds easy! Thanks for the post!

GettyCash said...

I like Money4Banners. I can't wait to get paid my 30 pounds :D

Anonymous said..., a site that matches advertisers with publishers, launched in August and is a great way for advertisers to get their name out there and for publishers to make money through placing ads on their sites.

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We want to ensure that we ‘match’ you with the correct advert so don’t worry if you are not allocated an ad instantly once signed up.

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kickmeaway said... also can approved or must be domain? Please share your experience!