Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thankful Thursday !

Here's a fun post! Fussypants is hosting a Thankful Thursday over at her blog: Fabulous Mommy Fussypants. All you have to do is put the image on your blog's entry, write what you are thankful for and add your post's URL to her Mr. Linky. Thanks Ms. Fussypants for the heads up on MayasMom!

Here goes:
Today I'm Thankful for:
1. My 7 kids! They keep me on my toes.
2. My family (two sisters), but especially my parents. They are always there for us.
3. The pets: 7 cats, my one and only dog (Rockefeller) and the rabbit (Snowflake) that calm me down.
4. My faith that has helped me get through some nightmarish situations. Family and friends tell me my life is like a soap.
5. My home. There was a time I didn't have one.
6. Having a working car, especially after having the minivan and car break down simultaneously this summer. What a nightmare!
7. Having the opportunity to make money online. It has made it possible for me to stay home with the kids.
8. The progress the therapists have made with The Little One. (He is on the autism spectrum). He is very aware and uses three syllable words like disgusting and dangerous! That's a big word for a child that has a significant speech delay!
9. Having the money to go back to school shopping without being stressed out!
10. Being born in America. I often ponder on the plight of people from other countries. I thank God I was born in the USA.
11. For the people that protect this country, so that we can enjoy our freedom. My oldest child is now one of them in the US Navy...
12. For exceptional friendships that have spanned over 30 years. How many people can say that?
13. For my mistakes. Believe it or not, they made me who I am today. Life hasn't been easy, but I try to remember all I've gone through. That way, I can always help someone else.
14. Music. What kind? All types. I love pop, jazz, salsa, classical, R&B, gospel, contemporary Christian, easy listening and much more!
15. The beautiful trees, grass and flowers I see on my property. Especially since they are wild. I surely didn't have time to plant them. Thanks furry little creatures and feathered friends!

Now, what are you thankful for? Don't forget to post the picture on your blog and link to her post!


Mrs. Fussypants said...

That's a great list! Hey, my son has Verbal Apraxia and I love Speechercise audio CDs. You may like them, too! Even my other boys like to listen and play along. I purchased them through the Sing N Learn catalog.

Anonymous said...
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