Friday, August 24, 2007

25% off all Window Coverings at

Another sale! If you're looking for window coverings, visit Right now, you save 25% on Blinds, Celullar Shades, Wooden Blinds and many other styles. Save even more with their FREE Shipping in the continental US! has two great tools that all I love
1. They have a tool that gives you a quick quote of how much your wondow coverings will cost you. All you have to do is enter the length and width. Use the drop down menu to choose the style and you get an instant quote!
2. They ahve a tool that tells you which window coverings give you the best ENERGY SAVINGS! That is priceless. How many sites do that? You can save on your electric bill with that little tool..

Visit the site, even if you just want to see which window coverings will save you the most money.

Oh and here's the coupon code for the 25% savings on

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