Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Must Read About Ridiculous Ways to Save Money

Jim from Blueprint to Financial Prosperity wrote a great entry called:
Ridiculous Money Saving Ideas!

I have to say I was laughing pretty hard. I started to write a comment, but it turned into a post. I decided to not take up his whole comments area and to use a permalink. Besides, I wanted to share it with all of you.

The entry was about really crazy things people do to save money. I can't believe people really admit to doing some of these things. I would want the earth to just swallow me. Of course, I remembered a couple of things people have admitted to doing.

Here are a few:
1. Using table salt instead of regular salt to MELT THE SNOW. Why? Because table salt is cheaper...DUH. The question is: "Does it really work?" Umm, NO!
2. Freezing old brown bananas. Aren't they old when they are brown?
3. Buying and using expired canned goods. Hey, that can't be healthy. They already have shelf dates that span over a year!
4. This is the worst: taking advantage of someone. A caterer I know has a neighbor that just installed a $50,000 inground pool, a fence that cost $20,000 and had her kitchen and basement remodeled for an additional $100,000. She asked my friend to cater her daughter's recital. My friend called her from the store (while she was doing her personal shopping) to see what she wanted to serve. The neighbor gave her an extensive list of foods she wanted served as well as the paper products she desired. After the party, she refused to pay. She felt that the caterer would get future bookings from her wealthy friends. This cheapskate got free food, paper products and catering. Being a tight wad at someone else's expense- NOT COOL!

Read Jim's entry and see what I'm talkng about. Care to share the worst tales of tight wad behavior you've ever experienced or heard about?


Anji said...

I used to baby sit for some very wealthy people. they paid less than everyone else, only left out 2 biscuits each for me and my sister (who used to come with me) and we wern't allowed to touch their stereo or discs. When I baby sat for a 'normal' person she showed me the fridge and the cupboard so I could help myself and told me to use the phone if I wanted to - I couldn't believe my luck!

I'm hopeless at saving money

Creditworthy said...

I may contribute to your list of wierd saving ways- Some people wash and dry used plastic pockets; Some say that they like cabbage pies more than meat ones, but they actually like those cheaper. And there are those who use toilet paper instead of paper napkin and newspapers(!)instead of toilet paper. I, for one, started saving in a regular way trying to spend less on my credit card.