Friday, August 17, 2007

A Lighting Store that Takes PayPal! is a website that sells every type of lighting anyone would want. They sell ceiling fans, chandeliers, lamps, accent lights and all kinds of outdoor lighting. Need sconces, path lighting, step lighting or deck/rail lights? You can find them here. Why do I recommend this website when you can go to a chain store and get inexpensive lighting? The answer is because that ligthing will cost you in the long run. I've purchased several lamps from three different popular chain stores and they didn't last 3 months. That's why I call them disposable lamps. (Thank goodness that I take those lamps to the metal scrap yard. I hate to think about how many of those lamps are filling up our landfills!)

One of my favorite features of this site is that they take paypal. Since most of my income comes through my paypal account, it is convenient for me. It takes 3-4 business days for a transfer to go from my paypal to my checking account. I bookmark every site that I come across that takes paypal. With 7 kids and 9 pets, something always needs to be replaced. The site takes all major credit cards, Google Checkout and Home Improvement Direct accounts. They also offer a $10.00 discount for all orders over $250.00 paid with billpay!

I just had my stairs redone in June, so step lighting is on my list of things I need to purchase. ( I also have the stairs stained.)
Here's a pitcure of what I mean. Why do I think it's necessary? Living in the middle of nowhere means you're always in the dark. Even when I use the outdoor lights, it's not enough. Several times, I've almost stepped on a snake. Then there's PePe LePeu (the skunk that lives on ou property). He loves to come out at night with his little family. I would hate to step on ome of them....

Yup, country life. Gotta love it.

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