Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home Based Businesses: Fill a Need and Get Free Advertising

Ever been at supermarket, doctor's office or department store and needed to sign a check or receipt? How frustrated do the cashier and customer become when no one can find a pen? Well, that little pen can be a great inexpensive way to advertise your home based business.

When I do anything, I always try to accomplish two or more objectives with every action. Whether I'm blogging, cooking or shopping-I try to maximize every action and opportunity. You can also accomplish an increase in advertising and sales with your home based business. All that is needed is a little creative thinking.

If you have a home based business, you should take every opportunity to spread the word. One great inexpensive way to advertise your business is by purchasing ballpoint pens that are imprinted with your name, number, location and/or URL. Pens are a great way to advertise because everyone needs one. Leave them in places where people need to use them. For example, leave them at doctor's offices, banks, check cashing offices or supermarket checkouts. What if you want to purchase fancier pens to distribute to loyal clients? Visit the link for higher end products that can be personalized with all your business' details.

What other ways can you advertise your home based business?
Visit the site to browse through their online catalog. You can also customize tools, keychains, tote bags, duffle bags, calculators and much more.

Remember, you want to get your business out there. The more people that know you exist, the more business you may get.

More creative ways of advertising your home based business:
1. Sponsor a child's sports team. Your logo will be on every team member's shirt.
2. Purchase a page or two in the nearest school's yearbook.
3. Bumper stickers.
4. Put your business info on your car.
5. Have lolipops or other candy personalized with your business' info.
6. Have your business added to your town's/city's internet site. It's a great way for newcomers to find out about your product/service.
7. Have customized clothing made for your pets. You can get advertise your business while you're walking your dog!

Hope these tips help you advertise your business and increase your income!

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