Thursday, May 17, 2007

Technorati Ping Bug: Two Possible Causes and Solutions

I was reading some blogs when I came across this post by A ProBlogger Mom: Why doesn't Technorati fix it's ping bug? I was having the same problem as were many other bloggers. Technorati wasn't registering my ping through my automatic ping on blogger, their site, manually through their site, from ipings or pingomatic. Soon after I came across a post from Stephen Fung. He was having the same problem and he received an email regarding links on his blog. Apparently, they are penalizing bloggers that have payperpost links and or badges. Of course, they didn't say it in those words.

Read the post by Stephen Fung: Technorati Hates PayPerPost? Here's an excerpt of the email they sent him:
It seems that your blog has been flagged for review. I am suspecting that it is due to the Ad and Payperpost links placed in every post. Because of this, your blog will continually be flagged with each indexed post. Please try including the links in your sidebar.

Personally, I got tired of sending Technorati email after email. When I decided to see if others had the same problem, I came across the post above. It was helpful, but didn't solve my problem. I only had the payperpost badge on a few entries here and there. I decided to figure it out by myself. I accidentally came across a solution.

Several months ago, I upgraded to blogger2. I noticed I had problems since that time. I was using ipings and pingomatic to see if the ping registered and noticed a different URL was coming up:
This is my URL:
This is what was coming up:

So I used the longer version and it registered the ping. It wasn't instant, but it worked.

What are two possible solutions to the Technorati blog update problem?
1. Do not put payperpost badges on every entry. Sprinkle them throughout your blog.
2. Ping your blog with the additional text above.

I hope that this information is useful. I'm not a tech expert, I just found somethig that worked for me. Try it, it may work for you too.

If you try the solution above, leave a comment and let us know about your results...


Tamara said...

Thanks for the ideas! I will give them a try. I also put in a support ticket yesterday, hopefully it will get resolved soon! I'll let you know if your tips work for me too. :-)

Tamara said...

Just wanted to let you know that something worked! I followed your suggestions as well as Stephen Fungs just this morning, and I'm not sure what worked, but I just checked this evening, and I've been updated and my authority has changed as well! To recap, I took the Payperpost banner off of my sidebar and most of my posts, I used Iping and Pingomatic and pinged using my blog URL + index.html at the end. Thanks so much for your help! :-)

Rob said...

I just tried your tip. Thanks so much!

AAA Copywriter said...

Thanks for the tip, but I'm afraaid it's no go for me. My blog is a third level on an Otalian blogging platform and I cannot modify the address. The funy thing, ayway, is that Technorati perfectly reviewed my very first post, but none of the following others.


sookietex said...

Hi SuperMom added you to the Hey Technorati My Authority is not getting updated! Blogroll, you can see it here and also grab the code you would like to post.

I ran the html roll as a post so you should see a blog reaction at technorati and maybe even a bump in authority, faved you as well so tag me back if you will :-)

thanks and good luck your friend sookietex