Thursday, April 19, 2007

Should You Pay Attention to the Customer Service of a "Possible" Employer?

A blog by the name of No Regrets, but plenty of memories... poses an excellent point. (Be sure to visit and read all the great posts!) When you are looking for employment, shouldn't the employer acknowledge receipt of your resume?

Several of my friends are currently looking for employment. One of them is recently divorced, another's hours have been cut in half due to downsizing and the other has had her job eliminated due to poor enrollment! They all have the same complaint. They are actively looking for employment and send resumes to different employment possitions they qualify for. After that, they wait and wait ...and wait some more. They don't receive a call, email or letter stating that their resume was received, filed or being considered at all.

The fact that you are looking for employment with a company should be enough for them to treat you with respect. After all, just like the blogger states on her post, being employed by a company is beneficial to both parties. They are looking for certain skill sets and you are offering those skills for a monetary exchange. Right?

Read the post and tell me what you think. Being ignored by a company you are seeking employment with is a red flag. If they don't respect future employees, do you expect their customer service to be any better?...

Makes you think huh!?!

Thanks for your great post!


Anji said...

I was looking for work for several years and was lucky enough to get on a course run by an independant job agency. it was explained to us that employers are overwhelmed by, often unsolicited, job applications. The best thing is to enclose a stamped addressed envelope or phone to confirm they got the letter a few days after. I know from experiance that when you are looking for work, job applications are an expensive item

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