Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Smorty: Get Paid to Blog!

Smorty is the latest company on the "get paid to blog" scene. Smorty brings bloggers and advertisers together in a mutually beneficial way. Advertisers that seek opinions about their products and services, pay bloggers to create a buzz in the blogoshpere. You simply blog about your opinion and place a link in your entry. This link will lead to the advertiser that is paying for links and search engine recognition. Want to get paid for blogging?
Here's the 411!

How can you join Smorty and blog for money?
Blogging for pay is not difficult. The first thing you need is an established blog. Here are the other prerequesites.
1. The blog must be indexed by Google.
2. Your blog must be at least 3 months old.
3. The blog must not contain hate, violence or adult content.
4. The blog must be active and have a minimum of two posts a week.
5. You must have a paypal account to receive payment.
6. You can use as many blogs as you want, which means you can earn a nice amount of money!
7 The minimum amount that an entry is worth is $6.00. If your blog has a large readership, high page rank, or good Alexa rankings, you will be paid more per entry.

What is the difference between Smorty and other paid blogging companies?
1. This is one of the few companies that pays bloggers on a weekly basis. I love this because it's convenient. If you need or want some extra money for an unexpected expense, you can write several entries and get paid in a week.
2. They give you a response of acceptance or denial into the program within 72 hours.
3. They are open to bloggers of all countires, as long as they have a PayPal
account. Your content must be in English in order to get paid for blogging.

There you are. One more easy way to make money on the internet, to get out of debt!
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Rangan Badri said...

You talk about plenty of resources to earn online. I also do this as a service.

I saw you in bloggerparty.

I am also in smorty, paymetoblogaboutyou and a few others.

Would you care to exchange links.
We can be helpful to each other.

I am going to make a blog post about your blog.
Cheers mom.