Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Carnivals!

Sometimes I wait to post the links to the Carnivals to give them more traffic towards the end of the week. Other times like this week, it's due to some family issues. The flu is running through the house. So far, 4 had it and 3 more will get it.

Anyway, this week's Festival of Frugality #60 was hosted at Frugal For Life. Dawn did a great job. She used snapshots of pictures for our posts. When you click on the picture, you view a snapshot of our blog! I'm sure it was time consuming.

Very Creative, indeed!

Festival of Family Flair - Fifth Edition is being hosted at Grasshopper New Media Presents.... Visit and read some great posts!

Internet Money Makers Carnival 9th Edition is being hosted at Martin's Site. My favorite post was Bryan C. Fleming » Million Dollar Savings Club Update: Week 5 . I'm thinking of participating...

That should give you something to read after you finish the Sunday paper!

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