Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Get Paid to Provide Advice with

Lat week a representative for contacted me. They explained what the site is about and asked if I was interested in becoming part of their network. Here's what they are all about...

What is
It is a service that allows you to charge for your knowledge (per minute). You register on their site. Next, you display a widget they provide on your site. If someone needs help in your area of expertise, they can call you and you can provide this one on one help-at a small fee that you determine. The calls must be pre-paid by the client before the call is placed.

How do you make money?
You determine how much your time is worth. That's right! If you are a popular blogger and are knowledgeable in a popular area you can really earn a nice amount of money. They are currently in beta stage, so they are not charging any fees for thsi siervice. They do state several times that they may charge a small fee in the future.

How will you get paid?
They use paypal to make payments. Their FAQ states that a small paypal service fee may apply. I'm not sure why and I couldn't find the answer on the site either.

What do you need?
You will need to download skype. It's a VOip service. The download is free. Skype is currently offering unlimited caling for 12 months at $14.95. It's not a bad deal. As a matter of fact, I'm getting it for The Chatterbox. That will mean only four teens will be fighting over the phone...

I'm curious about the service and I plan to test it. Unfortunately, this is a very busy time for me. The kids will finish school on Friday and they will be home on vacation. I've scheduled dental appointments, doctor's appointments and other necessary visits. I won't be available at a consistent time on a daily basis. As soon as I can dedicate time to this venture, I will register. Of course, I will post the info in case any of you want to see how it works! Perhaps, some of you may want to talk to me on the phone...

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