Thursday, December 21, 2006 and Teen Driving has released a press release informing the public of a new aid Geico is using to promote teen safe driving. They have added "Teens and Trucks" to their online library. Last week alone, there were four deaths attributed to reckless teen driving in my school district. This particular brochure was developed with the American Moving and Storage Association. It includes valuable information for teens on how to safely share the highway with large trucks.

Here are some of the lessons "Teens and Driving" teach:
1. Stay out of a truck's blind spots or "No Zones."
2. Be careful when attempting to pass a truck.
3. Do not swerve in front of a truck or cause the driver to come to a sudden stop.
4. Avoid "Squeeze Play" when a large truck needs to make a wide turn.
5. Do not cut off a large truck or passenger bus.

Being the parent of 7 kids of which 4 are teens, this information is important. As many of you know, teens tend to have a mentality similar to MacBeth's. They believe they are infallible and invincible. This is a dangerous mix and although I'm not crazy about scare tactics, I'm totally on board with safe defensive driving courses. They need to realize that cars are great tools for a social life, but they can also become weapons in the wrong hands.

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