Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Robert Kiyosaki Advised Buying Silver Too!

Not too long ago, I wrote a post on one of my blogs about investing in silver and other precious metals. Since American money is a currency and no longer backed by precious metals, it makes sense to invest in something concrete that will appreciate in value. At least I thought so. This weekend, while reading Yahoo News, I came across an article Robert Kiyosaki wrote in March 2006. He stated exactly the same thing I had written. I was shocked and glad that I my opinions were aligned with his.

Here is an excerpt of the article, I will provide a link at the end of the post for those that would like to read the article in it's entirety.
Today, I invest in assets with tangible value, especially assets that go up in price as the dollar's purchasing power sinks. Today, I have large positions in gold, silver, and oil.

For the small investor, I believe buying silver coins is a safe bet. As the dollar drops, silver will hold its value or go up. I don't recommend buying coins for numismatic value (rarity). A friend has his son buy one silver dollar a week instead of saving money in the bank. As I write this, that's worth about $12 a week. He keeps the coins in a safe-deposit box. It's not big investing -- but it's a great habit.

I took it a step further. What if you don't know how to purchase silver coins or gold bars for investment purposes? It's not like the average American even thinks of doing this. There are people that can't even balance their checkbooks! Here is a suggestion. Monex has been in business over 30 years and is an industry investment leader. They can help you with your purchase and personal delivery. You can also have them help you with it's storage at an independent bank or depository. It may be something new and different, but the way things are going it's better to be safe than sorry.

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