Thursday, November 09, 2006

Review Me Launch!

Remember that I told you that I was waiting for the time to be able to tell you about a new online income oportunity? Guess what? It's time to tell! Here's the review about Review Me!

Review Me is a new "get paid to blog" site. Today is the launch of their site. They are payig out a total of $25,000. to bloggers today!

It's pretty funny how I came across this post. TechCrunch commented on a post of blogger from one of the companies I blog for. I followed TechCrunch's link to his own blog and he had a post about two new companies that were going to launch these business modesl he hates. You know, the ones where bloggers receive compensation for reviewing a site or product. He even went as far as to say that one of the companies was one of his sponsors and he was going to complain to them. He can pretty much say whatever he wants, in the long run the company is going to go with the profitable route.

You know that I am always looking for legitimate ways to earn money by blogging. All of you know all the mishaps I've expereinced this year. I need all the money I can get. Why not get paid for reviews? I don't see the problem as long as I am honest. If I think it's great I will say so, if I don't agree with something...I say so. In the end, I'm basically getting paid for writing. Hello?!?! How easy is that? There is also the issue of convenience. You know that with 7 kids, most of your check goes to daycare. I don't think I need to recap all the horrible things I've been through this year, for you to understand why I prefer blogging instead of a 9-5. Let's see there is The Little One's broken leg, the doctor's appointments, the flu that goes around from kid to kid for a good two weeks! Tell me why a mom wouldn't want to blog for a living? It's something that could be done during the kid's naps, when they're in school or while they're at practice!

What's the Difference Between Review Me and the other Companies
1. They pay you according to the popularity of your blog. If you have a high page rank, you earn more money for your review. I think that's fair, don't you?
2. You earn half of what the advertiser pays. For example, an advertiser has to pay $60.00 for a review on one of my blogs. I get $30.00, they get $30.00. I think that's fair too.
3. They pay on the first of every month by paypal or check. I like paypal because it's more convenient for me.
4. You can submit 6 blogs to Review Me. You can post as many reviews as you are offered on the blogs that are accepted.
5. They have excellent software that can tell your Alexa ranking, technorati ranking and Google ranking almost instatnly. No waiting period to find out whether or not you are approved! I love that. You can start earning money right away with their first review...that is if you sign up immediately!
6. They require you to disclose it is a paid advertisement. Some other companies don't require you to do so.
7. They require your social secuirty number. Only one other company requires you to do that. Why? It's easy to earn way over $600.00. That requires them to have to give you a 1099. They ask for it upfront which is smart. Doing it the other way around could be bad business for them.
8. You have to write a minimum of 200 words in your review.
9. They pay from $20.00 to $200.00 for each completed review that you post on your site.

If you're wondering whether or not I'm getting paid for this post, don't wonder anymore. Yes, I am. Take it from me. I blog for all the companies. If you are looking to make the most money for a post, submit your blog today. This ad just paid for the box of contacts I had to buy my daughter today! Thanks Review ME!

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Anonymous said...

I signed up and posted my first review. Do you know if we can post the review me review on all our sites?

globewoman said...

Is it safe to give your SS# out over the internet?

Unknown said...

of course it's o.k. it's your employment ID and payed advertising is work!

Anonymous said...

I feel silly asking this but where exactly do I sign up to turn in a review? Thx.