Friday, October 20, 2006

Never A Dull Moment

I'm pretty frantic right now. Last night, I was in an accident with the kids. We were fine, but the deer and the car weren't as lucky. The car is not safe to drive. The wheel alignment is off and the brakes are not working correctly. The insurance company told me I would get a call in the morning. I explained that it wasn't safe for me to drive the car with my children inside. I don't have another functional vehicle and can't afford a car rental. Unfortunately, altough I had asked for car rental insurance to be added to my wasn't. I didn't ask why. I was just so upset.

Since I never got a phone call from the car insurance, I drove it down the road to my local gargage. The estimate was $2500.00, just for the damage to the body (excluding car rental fees). That doesn't include the brakes and the wheel alignment. BTW, the brakes were just replaced earlier this year at a cost of $900.00. A car in the rural community I live in is a necessity, not a luxury. I live about 20-25 minutes away from town. (That's where the supermarket is.) I'm really screwed. The money I have been earning was going to pay for eye glasses for three of my kids. I'm backed up on the bills already, my ex-husband isn't up to date with the child support. I'm in a bad spot again. Funny, people wonder why I'm financially strapped.

The most enraging aspect is that a guy that pulled over to tag the deer (because he was going to take it), admitted to have been hunting the deer. He startled it and caused it to run out...into the road in front of me. I feel like he is responsible for this. Idiot. He got free meat and I got car repairs I can't afford.

So, I'm really screwed. I am open to suggestions. I'm trying to use all the blogging sites possible to come up with the money, but most of them pay after thrity days. I don't have any resources and I can't use my credit card to rent the car. Any suggestions? (And no, my ex couldn't possibly care less even though I raise his children).

What have I learned?
1. Read your policy. Make sure your policy has car rental insurance. Mine has a small discount for the insurance, but it's not much.
2. Emergency funds are a necessity. Unfortunately, I can't even cover my expenses yet. It seems like the more money I earn with online opportunities, the more things that go wrong.
3. Always keep a credit card for emergencies, especially if you don't have an emergency fund. I haven't finished paying my card. I don't have enough available to help me out anyway. The last time I used it, it was an emergency-no gas in the car and no money! You see, this is why I always say that when it comes to my life:


Anonymous said...

I would pursue the rental cost with your insurance agent. If you asked for the coverage and they neglected to added it then that is their error. A good agent will work something out with you.

As far as the repairs, they should be covered under your comprehensive coverage, not collision. You usually have a smaller deductible for that coverage. (at least that is how it is in Ohio, perhaps NY is different. My dad had an agency in Ohio for years. I worked there for several years also)

As for the emergency fund, we are there with you. There is none and we revert back to credit cards! UGH!!!!

I'd put the word out to friends and family. If you are involved in a church that may be a good place to look for help too. You never know who may be able/willing to help!

domestika said...

Oh, that's really rough, supermom. A large animal like a deer can do so much damage - and of course the very last thing you need right now is a whopping big repair bill - but what a blessing that you and your kids are okay! I'm certainly wishing you all the best, and maybe a nice restful "dull moment" too -