Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Personal Finances in Crisis Mode ...Again.

Sometimes I feel like I am under a curse. It seems like no matter how much money I make, it's gone before I even get it in my account. Unexpected expenses are choking me. What unexpected expenses? How much time do you have?

First of all, the furniture was just a sore to look at. I had it removed. I can't stand looking at it. No living room funriture. My Little One (5 yr old autistic son) has sensory integration dysfunction. This is why I purchased a trampoline years ago. Well, when he's in the house he jumps on the sofas and the beds. Well, he broke my bed and the sofas. Now they need to be replaced. Instead of having an accident occur with the broken items, I had them removed.

The washing machine, electric can opener and lawn mower all died. The lawn mower I just bought in July or Augsut of this year. Luckily, The Little One's dad bought a can opener and washing machine for us. My washing machine broke earlier last year and my ex-husband gave me an old extra one he had sitting ouside his home. It was pretty old. I was grateful anyway. Apparently the millions of loads of laundry I do a week finished it off. Remember that in a household with so many people, nothing will have normal wear and tear. I use everything more than the average household. EVERYTHING! Anyway, I'm grateful for the new washer and electric can opener. I was using an old fashioned hand powered can opener and it wouldn't work. I had to cook without anything that was canned for that time. No beans, no canned vegetables or tuna fish.

The Princess lost her glasses. She was due for a new prescription, but it could have waited at least until next month. Not now. Now, I need to get them ASAP. The Diva also needs new glasses. The Entrepreneur and the Comdeian need eye exams too. I have been wearing glasses since the torn contact lens incident. I really didn't want to spend the money on the contacts, until I had the cash. I'm still going to wait. The kids need glasses more than I need the contacts.

The kids need to go to the dentist. Two of them need either oral surgery or braces... After all these years, I got a cavity. Actually, I got two. Now I have to go as well. I tell you, never a dull moment.

Three of the kid's beds went kaput. When it rains it pours... A great thanks to my parents that just visited me yesterday! They purchased a new link spring for The Chatterbox's daybed. They wanted to buy her a new bed, but the only thing wrong with her daybed was that the link spring caved in the middle. Final cost: $86.49. Better than the price of a new bed...

I woke up on Thurday to find a flat tire. I just bought new tires this year. Well, I have an inflator, but when it kept deflating...I just knew it needed to be replaced. On Friday, I took it in. After the guy looked at it, he said "$72.78 for a new tire and installation". I paid it because I need my car to function AND be safe. After all, I drive my kids in it.

Haven't been able to catch up with the cards. This is not good. You would think that with the money I'm earning now things would be better. Instead, everything has been breaking down which causes me to have spend on other things that were not factored in. This is why an emergency fund is so important. Unfortunately, I haven't even been able to pay off the debt or start a fund.

After all these unfortunate events I have good news. I have not used my cards once. For anything! That is the best outcome of this bad season. At least this time, I can pay for the tire and not have to charge it! Believe it or not, that is something to celebrate...

What have I learned?
1. An emergency fund is a necessity. I will be putting a small amount aside to start an emergency fund. Hey, every little bit helps.
2. I don't use my cards unless I don't have any other alternative. I would rather think of a creative way of coming up with what I need than using them!
3. It's ok to do without some things until you actually can afford it. (I'm talking about the furniture).
4. I really, really hate debt.

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to you! I don't think I could have done it without cards. I hope things start to look up for you, soon.