Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Love Being A Part Of The Revolution!!

This is the type of stuff I would have loved doing (before my kids came along)! Now, it's difficult to do things like this with the kids, but hey......I could have brought them with me. I'm sure they have a lot to say. I'm always "hogging up" the computer writing for!!!!!!

Ted Murphy is a genius. He went with several people to NYC with a PLAN! He had signs made up in the colors of the website. It looked like a cartoon balloon. Next the group had t-shirts made up with across the front. They handed them out to the Today show crowd with markers, so that they could fill out the cartoon balloon. How's that for free advertising! I know, I know it's redundant...but I wish I cuold have been there! I'm sorry I missed the show, but mornings are hectic for me. Getting 6 of the 7 kids out of the house in the morining takes all my energy and attention.

What did I learn about buiness marketing and advetising from's Guerilla Marketing?
1. Business marketing and advertising doesn't have to cost much. They got national coverage for the price of some t-shirts and signs.
2. Think outside of the box, NEVER be afraid of using different techniques to advertise and market your business.
3. Be excited about your business and be contagious. You want others to feel just as excited about your business as you do. This brings success!
4. Dare to be bold! I'm sure they made some bigwigs turn and notice them!
5. Take action. Take things into your own hands. MAKE things happen!

I just love what they did and I'm toying with the idea of getting the kids to do a commerical for the site. They've been models in the past and The Diva wants to be an actress, so ....

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ted murphy said...

Wow! I really didn't specifically setout to teach people about marketing and advertising but if you are learning new things in the process than that makes what we are doing all the more rewarding: )