Tuesday, August 01, 2006

WiseOrb: Earn Money Two Different Ways

WiseOrb is a site where you submit articles. The money you earn is determined by unique visits, visitor clicks and visitors you send by using a referral link. You don't have to have an adsense account. They give you exact instructions on how to maximize your profits on the site! They cover topics like keyword density and relevant titles.

The other way that you can earn money on WiseOrb is by using their Google Search portal. All that you have to do is go to the interent options, copy and paste the URL provided in the homepage area and you will earn money when you perform a search. Someone at another blog community mentioned this site months ago, but I haven't had time to check it out. Today, I was writing about all the different ways one can make money online and I decided to do some research. Another blogger praised the site and stated they made some money, so I decided to try it. They pay once a month and the member's area gives you statistics about your referrals and earnings. I don't believe the statistics are in real time, they may be updated daily.

I'll keep you posted about the payout. It is currently a $100.00 minimum that is automatically disbursed. You can get a $50.00 payment, but it must be requested manually by the author and will cost you $5.00.

The reason I decided to tell you about this site is this. If you have several computers and use them as much as I do, you can probably accrue some money very quickly. The sooner you change your homepage to their google search portal, the sooner you can start accruing! I figured some of you might want to start right away, since some stores are already putting up fall and Christmas merchandise????

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